Servet Gözel

Information Security Officer
Allianz X

Keynote: 09.06.2022 / 13:10 Uhr

Investment Secured: Cyber Security Challenges in the Fintech World

Everyone wants to invest in promising businesses with state of the art technology. For this purpose, the fintech industry is a wonderland. The question is though, how to ensure technology/security risks are properly taken care of during and after acquisitions. While there is no time to waste; the right questions need to be asked to make the decisions diligently.

Der Referent:

Servet joined Allianz X in December 2020 as Information Security Officer. He started his career in 2005 at KPMG Turkey and later worked in the Netherlands for KPMG and a regional multinational banking group. He has extensive experience leading engagements to provide cyber security, IT audit and advisory services. As part of his current role, he keeps track of security requirements for Allianz X as well as the related entities. Servet holds a B.Sc in Management Information Systems from Bogazici University in Istanbul, CISA and ISO27001 LA certifications.